Al qaeda militants tunnel out of yemen jail: source

Al qaeda militants tunnel out of yemen jail: source

by The Interpreter

January 21, 2017

The Pentagon has confirmed that Saudi Arabia has launched a drone strike on a remote Yemen region which is believed to have received funds from Qatar.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Glenn Greenwald told RT earlier this week that a drone strike in Qai’an province was conducted on January 5, 2017.

He pointed out that earlier in January, the Pentagon had confirmed to US television that a group of Yemeni militants had entered Yemeni territory for what the US called an “intelligence mission.”

“The Yemeni militants wernatyasastra.come said to be supporting Islamic State (IS) in the North and South Shands,” the report stated, adding, “The strikes were conducted against a gr더킹카지노oup of militant Yemenis who are believed to have been funded by the Qatari state to carry out attacks in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

Greenwald further explained that the drone strike involved UAVs from a CIA unit at CIA HQ and that the missile fired hit the truck and vehicle it was parked in.

“The UAVs, however, took off from the vehicle, apparently with the intention of nearby buildings. At least three buildings are said to have been struck, including several homes,” Greenwald said.

This is clearly a serious violation of Yemeni sovereignty. It should certainly raise questions among western governments and the public at large. The attack also raises further questions about the Pentagon’s alleged links to Qatar and the Saudi royal family.